The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a gated community with infrastructure and each tract of land is fully titled property. Starting at $11,000/acre these lots enjoy stunning views of the surrounding Costa Rica countryside. The Sanctuary achieves true, comprehensive sustainability through resource-efficient land planning, construction, operation, and maintenance. Our philosophy focuses on five key areas: site development, materials selection, energy efficiency, water savings, and indoor environmental quality. Contact us today and get pricing information on all of our available properties!


This is the second largest of the parcels at 5.2642 hectares or 13.00 acres. With a very large terraced building area with some ocean views, it is surrounded by natural jungle with a number of walking trails. Completely private and not visible from any of the other lots. Ample room for a very large house and guest house if needed. SOLD


The interior road passes through this parcel, creating the option to build a guest house at some distance from the main house. The principal valley views are to the east, looking up to a tall mountain range. This lot is bordered on the west by a jungle green belt common area. 3.3024 hectares or 8.156 acres SOLD


Four magnificent trees dominate the lower terrace of this parcel which also has primary valley views to the north and east. The principal building site has almost a 360 degree view and includes some ocean vistas. There is a large pasture area below the building sites which could be suitable for horses. This might be the most beautiful lot in the development.. 2.6844 hectares or 6.630 acres SOLD

LOT # 4 BIG VALLEY VIEW $35,652/acre

There are several possible building areas on this parcel, again looking to the north and east. The southern portion of the parcel is unspoiled jungle with a huge variety of native trees. From the upper building site there is a view to the south of the town of Palmar and the Terraba river. 2.3317 hectares or 5.759 acres Click Here for Pricing


The first of the ocean view parcels looking south and west towards the Osa Penninsula, the Sierpe River and Cano island. This parcel offers two terraced building levels with more than enough room for a 3500 square foot house and pool, with additional room for a guest house if needed. .881 hectares or 2.176 acres Click Here for Pricing


No shortage of limes to go with you vodka or gin! This is the premier lot of the development offering a huge building area, grand ocean views to the west and valley views to the east. A home of 6000 square feet or more could easily be accommodated here. Again, some terracing of the land allows for any kind of architectural imagination. Dramatic and private, and the sunsets will be magnificent!
1.936 hectares or 4.784 acres Click Here for Pricing



This parcel offers two distinct and separate building sites, both with outstanding ocean views to the south and west. The second last property on the interior road, it is extremely private. This piece is also bisected by the entry road offering a substantial pasture area adjacent to a water course that could be suitable for horses.
2.934 hectares or. 7.248 acres SOLD

LOT # 9 BIG DADDY $11,749/acre

This is the largest parcel at almost 27 acres, most of which is first growth jungle. Stunning ocean views from the terraced building site which will offer year ’round sunsets. Being at the end of the interior road, this is the most private and secure of the parcels. There is great potential for a network of jungle walking trails. Perfect for the amateur naturalist! 10.829 hectares or 26.747 acres Click Here for Pricing

LOT # 10 TRIPLE DECKER $17,554/acre

Surrounded by the jungle, and a number of beautiful flowering trees, this is our least expensive parcel. It offers three descending levels that are all buildable and level. The piece would lend itself to an interesting split-level home design. Again, a very private location below the interior road. 2.571 hectares or 6.352 acres Click Here for Pricing